retreading system
for otr


The system consists of four innovative machines that can be implemented independently on the customer retreading plant, keeping their advantages on the singular process phase. 

Each developed machine is a part of a process, but is also able to be independent and work on particular application.


WaterJet Retread

WaterJet Retread is a system composed of high pressure waterjet, anthropomorphic robot, tire lathe.

The above combined to a specific developed software allows a broad range of applications. This equipment reduces the cost of retreading and increases the quality of the product.

Easy Groover

Easy Groover is an automatic milling system which consists of the following components: anthropomorphic robot, high performing spindle, tool rack, tire lathe, laser blade.

The hardware works together with a specifically developed software and allows a broad range of applications in the tyre industry.

The machine can either import the user designed pattern or scan the original pattern and reproduce it.

Easy Repair

Eaesy Repair allows to clean damages in a very short time and with a quality and precision impossible to reach with traditional tools.

Repair is a critical issue on industrial tires applications, this function drastically advance the repairing capability and the cost of each repair. Improving working environment and increasing the percentage of the recovered tires.

Dry Machine

Dry Machine performs the following functions: elimante 100% of water, leave the devulcanized surface intact and improve adhesion.

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