a new concept of retreading

Rover Research's systems change the approach and the concept of the classical retreading.

an innovative start-up dealing with the plastics and rubber industry

The Company initially created by Eng. Silvestro Mennella has been supported by the Autonomous Province of Trento, and subsequently capitalized by the Truyoins Ventures fund.

Beginning from industrial research and experimental development activities, Rover Research developed a line of industrial machines that implement retreading solutions for used tires, through innovative and patented methodologies, characterized by an excellent cost/quality ratio and a significant reduction in environmental impact.

We understand the problems of retreaders.

The main limit of any retreading system is the point of attachment between the casing and the new compound; solvents and glues which are used to make the new compound stick to the casing creates an impermeable layer between the two, preventing the internally generated heat to spread.

what does it mean?

32% of tire debris present on highways comes from retreaded/reconditioned tires.
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With traditional tire retreading, 30% of the weight is replaced with untreated virgin rubber.
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A retread tire passes 1/3 of the TUV SUD tests while a new Chinese tire passes all 3/3.
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Fuel consumption increases by 4/5% as the tire rolling resistance increases.
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WaterJet technology is the solution.


WaterJet Retread buffs a thin layer of compound to create the ideal surface where to add the new material. This system brings the real advantage, devulcanizing the tyre surface, which means that the rubber molecule will open itself up and consequently be ready to blend seamlessly with the casing.

WaterJet Retread

Traditional Retread

main features

save raw material

Thanks to WaterJet Retread the retreader saves almost 50% of raw material purchase.

molecular continuity

WaterJet Retread allows a perfect sealing between the casing and the new compound.

best quality

The WaterJet retreaded tire has the same performances as a new one.

retreading systems

a truly circular tire lifecycle

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